Fake Jatukam amulet

You've got a bad luck in your life right? You wanna find an amulet that will help you to find the way out into the light right? And you see the best amulet of Thailand called Jatukam, so you go to the Google and then you see this!!

 Fucking hell!! where is the real Jatukam amulet??
I feel cool to tell you the real info about real Jatukam, 
First it's not made from buddhist temple, the bad monk they want your money make it, wanna see?

Somethings like this, bullshit right? They are not a monk they are just a boiler. 
Second it's not made by Khun Phan, he is only co-operator of the making of Jatukam Ramathep!!

 Khun Phan

Very easy to find real Jatukam yeah?  A fake Jatukam will brings you and your family bad luck, it destroy your life, when your fate is going down you will lose everything.
Where is the real Jatukam amulet??
I think you can see it around the web like my blog, thrust him, pray and ask him for blessing you will finally find him.
Good luck

Bad monk making fake Jatukam

This is the real one